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Tradeshow Doctor. Career Strategist. Funding Partner Extraordinaire.

Diane Wingerter is the tradeshow doctor...

Providing expert advice for healthy and profitable results at tradeshows, expos, conferences, fairs, and festivals.

Her Story...

As a result of witnessing ‘unhealthy’ Exhibitor Booths at Tradeshows, Conferences, Shows, Expos, Festivals and Fairs, Diane Wingerter, The Tradeshow Doctor,™ was compelled to discover the cure for this bevy of Exhibitor Booth Symptoms. During 15-years of working with Exhibitors, as well as Show Promoters and Organizers, Diane has created results-driven strategies along with tangible solutions which increase The Exhibitors Return On Investment. She believes that if you aren’t going to complete the 6-Step Prescription For Success™, then simply…..don’t do ANY of the steps.

Throughout her Entrepreneurial career, Diane has owned Columbus Liquidators, Stepping Out USA, Outrageous Boutiques, Just Women Magazine, Storm Angels, LLC, and Totally Exposed, LLC, dba “The Tradeshow Doctor.”

Each business has flourished as a result of utilizing a combination of Face-To-Face Marketing Strategies. Not too surprising to discover that “Tradeshows” always seemed to climb to the top of her list.

Diane graduated from The Barbizon School of Fashion Merchandising, earned an Interior Decorating Certification from Thompson Educations Direct and mastered an impressive 20+ year Retail Career. As a result of her solid foundation, she combines principals of design, strong business practices, planning formulas, checklists and sales strategies all in one resource. This is quite a powerful, impactful and effective combination. Diane’s advice, whether in person or through her book ‘Tradeshows, Expos & More’ Your Guide to Healthy and Profitable Show Results, provides the answers you need and the next steps to take.

Diane’s high energy, inter-active Speaking Engagements, Seminars and Workshops along with One-on-One Consultations, spark Exhibitors to take the necessary steps towards success. These steps can be applied at the very next event. Follow her advice and you will experience Healthy and Profitable Show Results!

about traci

Career Guide. College Expert. #Adulting Guru. Confidence Builder.

Traci Bakenhaster is the founder of Raising the next gen...

An organization dedicated to helping teens and young adults get life right from the start. We offer workshops, courses, and customized one-on-one help for teens and their families in all aspects of career, college, and adulting (life skills).

Her Story...

Traci Bakenhaster is someone who knows first-hand how it feels to be unprepared for life, not to know her purpose, not to know how to be an adult. She knows what it is like to fall and fall hard.

In high school she was an honor roll student, involved in sports, clubs, and stayed out of trouble. But at 20, Traci found herself pregnant after a history of poor life choices. She had no plan for her future, and did not see her own worth or value.

As a very young single mom, she found herself on the system until she lost eligibility, then the debt started to grow. She enrolled in college not knowing what to do, took out tens of thousands in student loans, ended up working three jobs at one point, all while being in school full-time.

She knew she had to go through all of this hardship and struggle so she could help others not find themselves down the same path, that's when Raising the Next Gen was born. Since then, she has dedicated her life to changing the lives of teens everywhere.

She has been featured on many podcasts as a guest, has been a speaker to hundreds of high school students, and has started a fiscally sponsored nonprofit, Adulting 101, an afterschool program for foster care, at-risk, or impoverished teens.

Traci has over 12 years experience in higher education, career tech, and industry. She holds four college degrees, multiple certifications, and is heavily involved in the community where she volunteers, and serves on multiple board of directors for nonprofit organizations.


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